“A Hotel that will do Wonders to your Relationship!”

Please meet Mark.  He and his partner have fallen in love with the Kura Hotel in Uvita, Costa Rica.  He considers himself an absolute “hotel snob”, who travels the world and is always looking for “that place” with “the extra something”.  He says that at Kura he has finally found it.

Mark is from London and lives in Los Angeles.  He designs multi-million dollar homes and interiors, with high-end clients, from Celebrities to CEO’s.   He is also a great photographer and most of the pictures that we use on our website, as well as all the black and white photos used for this blog, were taken by him on his various visits to the hotel.

So what is so special about Kura?  Here some of his impressions:

“I don’t like large over chic and fussy hotels where you feel on edge. I don’t like big chain hotels, where it feels rehearsed and corporate.  Luxury to me is being comfortable in an exquisite surrounding, away from the madding crowd and away from screaming children dive bombing the pool. Kura is adults only – perfection!

I was attracted to the incredible architecture of the hotel, which has huge similarities to my own home in Los Angeles and attracted to the personal story of the owners, Alejandra and Martin, who live on the property. The service is perfect, everyone knows your name, and there is a genuineness to everyone.  It’s not rehearsed, it’s not fake. There is a pride to this boutique hotel, that you feel immediately. The food is also fantastic, as are the Cocktails, but there is also a sense of privacy, which is the ultimate luxury.

A holiday should feel like an adventure, that you are going somewhere special, and KURA provides just that.  After landing in San Jose, you can get a local flight or helicopter to the hotel, or rent a 4×4 as I do, and enjoy the drive, getting a feel for the beautiful country. 

Kura will send a transfer ride but I love the freedom of driving myself!   The last part of the journey is the most fun, winding your way up the steep mountain roads, giving you a sense of leaving the world behind, until you get to the KURA gates, and the cocktail and cold towels await you. This is when you meet the staff and your love affair with what I call “my favorite place in the world” begins. The view, the sunset, the landscaping, the rooms, the hammocks, the sexy large open showers, the spa, the sounds and smells take over- and yes your cell phone still works! 

There is a great local village nearby, with a farmers market, large expanses of beach and jungle to explore, great zip lining, whale watching or you can just stay at KURA and do nothing and just stare at “that view” all day and night! You are away from the masses, away from the crowds, away from commercialism- one of my Celebrity friends came here for their honeymoon, and then went to one of the other high-end resorts in Costa Rica afterward, and wish they had only stayed at Kura!

I have been there during the rainy season and in summer, and its special no matter when you go- just go with the right person, and it will do wonders for your relationship!”

Kura is a proud member of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges in Costa RicaNicaragua and Panama.

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