Why don’t you manage hotels on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast?

It’s a question
we get asked a lot at the Cayuga Collection. Everybody who’s ever seen our map
of hotels and lodges in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama has wondered why there’s
a conspicuous lack of sustainable luxury hotels to be found on the Caribbean
Coast. Our explanation – until about two weeks ago – was that we just hadn’t
found the right fit yet. But that has changed.

Take a look at the Cayuga map now and you’ll spot a new pin sitting across the way on the golden shores of the Caribbean – Hotel Aguas Claras in Puerto Viejo. We’re proud to announce this Victorian-Caribbean arts boutique hotel as the newest addition to the Cayuga Collection. And it was certainly worth the wait. Simply put, there are no other hotels on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast that even come near to Aguas Claras.

        Hotel Aguas Claras, Puerto Viejo – The newest addition to the Cayuga Collection on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

You see, Aguas Claras is not your typical hotel. It’s a curated collection of arts meticulously put together by the owner, Costa Rican artist Elizabeth Steinvorth and her daughter Elena, that then became a hotel. In the making for almost 30 years, everything in the hotel is an artistic expression of Elizabeth’s lifetime love for Puerto Viejo and the southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. The result is a beautiful beach hotel that embraces its traditional Victorian-Caribbean origins while offering a playful artsy experience full of life, Tropicana colors and charm – just the kind that calls for a coconut mojito or two.    

Hotel Aguas Claras – Curated to perfection by artist owners

As for the location, the province of Limon has always been a little overlooked. Despite covering vast stretches of rain forest as well as the east coast of Costa Rica, the region as a whole has never particularly become a hotspot for tourism in Costa Rica and that’s partially to do with its accessibility. In the past, Puerto Viejo and similar coastal towns in the Limon province have been harder to get to than some Pacific Coast destinations, but work on the roads and direct Sansa flights to Limon mean that’s no longer an issue.

And good thing because the more we talk to our potential guests about Aguas Claras, the more we hear about their dreams of enjoying a coast-to-coast vacation. Sunrise and breakfast by the beach at Aguas Claras, sunset and happy hour at one of the other Cayuga Collection Pacific Coast resort. Maybe with a quick stop in the mountains. Now that’s how to see Costa Rica.

Colorful and charming, Aguas Claras is a true example of sustainable luxury on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

Ready to explore
all the way from Costa Rica’s Pacific to its Caribbean coast? We’ll help you tailor
the itinerary of a lifetime including Aguas Claras and all the very best
adventures to be had in Puerto Viejo and beyond. Chat to us here to start
planning or reach out to reservations@hotelaguasclaras.com.
We look forward to welcoming you to our new Caribbean gem.

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  1. I have been there in June this Year and luckily, the weather too was great. The boutique hotel is truly one of its kind in Costa Rica, The gardens, design of rooms apartments and decorations very tastefull and very harmonic. I have not seen that much sense for beauty and stile in Costa Rica until now. And as much important, what is a hotel without gastronomie? Quality, variety and presentation of the plates is very good and matches international standards. Absolutely a hotel for people, who know and apreciate luxury stile hotels. Congratulations.

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