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Cayuga is without a doubt, THE leading Sustainable Tourism Hospitality Operator in the Americas. Kudos to them being Number Uno! Hitesh Mehta, Ecotourism Architect


Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality is dedicated to managing and developing small, sustainable luxury hotels, resorts and lodges in Latin America. From our home-base in San Jose, Costa Rica, we’ve proudly led eco-lodge and boutique hotel management in Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua since 1999.

The owners of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality are Andrea Bonilla and Hans Pfister, both graduates of the Cornell University Hotel School in Ithaca, New York and are dedicated ecotourism professionals. Learn more about our Hospitality Management services here.


The Cayuga Collection, is made up of nine hotels in different regions of Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. The collection represents sales of about US$20 MM and offers year-round careers and employment to more than 450 locals.

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Our Team

Meet the team in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama that works hard to create the magical experiences our guests experience at our hotels, resorts and lodges every day.


We’ve won several awards and take this honorable recognition as a great motivator to continue and further improve our sustainability efforts. Learn more about how our approach has been recognized.

Travel the Cayuga Way: Our Philosophy

We redefine the symbiosis of luxury and sustainability
through the concept of “Experience, Learn, Connect and Relax.” Explore what this means to us.


When we ask our guests what they consider to be the most important amenities during their stay, often times their response is not about shampoo bottles or room service. Rather, our guests are instead seeking authentic and meaningful experiences to replace the standard amenities and services of a typical tropical holiday. Read more here


We at Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality are continually striving to create the perfect combination of a guilt-free luxury lodging experience that does not negatively interfere with the surrounding natural flora and fauna, nor with local communities and people. Read more about what Sustainability + Luxury means to us


Read more below about the specific sustainability initiatives and projects currently underway at each of our hotels and lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Read more here and here


Ecotourism can be easy. Check-out our ecotourism advice to become a more sustainable traveler.

Our Hospitality Management Services

We’re considered a world leader in Sustainable Hospitality Management
and offer a full suite of solutions that let you step back from day-to-day operations.

For Developers & Owners of Tourism Operations

Tell us about your business. If you’re committed to sustainable hospitality and are looking for expert hospitality management, share your vision with us.

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I started working with Cayuga when the hotel was still a dream and I wouldn’t have been able to realise my dream without them. They are professional, knowledgeable and compassionate and together we have developed an amazing hotel with a dedicated and engaged staff which exceeds our clients’ expectations. Karen Emanuel, Owner, Jicaro Island Ecolodge

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Developer & Owner Resources: Put Sustainable Hospitality into Practice

Read a guide to sustainable tourism and explore more about our sustainable approach, certification, and the concept of Geotourism.

Our Partners Say

  • "I have always admired Cayuga as a pioneer of sustainable tourism in Costa Rica, I believe their success is equal parts their properties that celebrate the strengths of the region, and their team, whose hospitality is authentic and proud. They have a skill for attracting the best people...and making their people shine."

    Matthew Flynn - Design Director + Partner, Vida Design Studio
  • "Cayuga Management services has provided us with professional, passionate management that provides a unique, high quality guest experience, with sustainability always in the forefront. We are proud to be part of the Cayuga Collection of hotels."

    Richard Hughes - Owner, Latitude 10 Resort, Santa Teresa
  • “Reliable, trustworthy, smart and experienced operators. Having Cayuga makes owning a hotel fun!”

    David Callan - Owner, Arenas del Mar Resort, Manuel Antonio
  • “Cayuga sets the standard for state-of-the-art boutique hotel management.”

    Michael Kaye - Owner and Founder of Costa Rica Expeditions
  • "I hired Hans and Andrea and they accomplished so much, so fast, I knew they were destined to be professional winners and achievers. Rather than be just our employees I asked they form Cayuga Management and expand by sharing their talent managing more destinations. They did it on their own, and the rest is history.”

    John Lewis - Owner, Lapa Rios Ecolodge, Osa Peninsula

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