What is the meaning of “Pura Vida” in Costa Rica?

If you come to visit us in Costa Rica and have some interaction with the locals (a.k.a. Ticos), you will soon notice that two words just keep on coming up:   Pura Vida.   What does that mean and why is it used all the time by everybody?

Pure Life?  

Pura Vida
A great example of Pura Vida at Lapa Rios Eco Lodge

The expression has been around for over 50 years and there are different stories of the origin of the expression.   Some say from the early interaction of foreign surfing pioneers on the Costa Rican coasts and locals and others say from a Mexican television series.   Maybe both”¦

In everyday life, it is used in ways such as:   Hello;  How are you?;   Goodbye;   I understand;   Take it Easy;   All is good;   enjoy life and many more.   It is probably the most important two words that you need to know when on a Costa Rican Vacation.

But more than just expressions in everyday life, Pura Vida really stands for what makes Costa Rica different and unique.   It describes the way of the life of the Ticos and Ticas.   That friendly laid back curious attitude they have towards life.   All is just Pura Vida here.   All is good ““ even when not everything is good.   That is the interesting part.

If you are readying this and have no idea what this is all about”¦ time to come visit here and live and feel Pura Vida.   If you have been to Costa Rica before, this probably wants to make you come back to Pura Vida country.

At the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges, we try to live the Pura Vida every day through our unique concept of Experience, Learn, Connect and Relax.   We want our guests to have Pura Vida Experiences such as waking up to the noise of the howler monkeys in the rain forest near Corcovado National Park or the Nicoya Peninsula.   We want them to learn how to catch a wave or understand how organic coffee is grown here.   We want them to connect with our staff, the local culture and local food and of course find time to relax and let go.

Pura Vida is used in advertising today
Pura Vida

And once you have learned the Pura Vida way, we will take you north of the border to Nicaragua where you can then learn all about ” Va Pue’ ”

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