What are International Travelers looking for in 2021?

We have been listening very carefully to our potential guests at the Cayuga Collection Hotels in Costa Rica, Panama, and Nicaragua. And we found out what it is that they are looking for when traveling again in 2021.  It basically came down to four priorities. 

  • Hyper flexible booking and cancelation policies
  • Not necessarily huge discounts, but very good “value”
  • A high-quality experience at all levels. Room, Food, Experience, Service.
  • Effective implementation of Covid19 protocols

In the past months, we have been working very hard to make sure we will exceed our guest’s expectations when they are ready to come back.  We are happy to report a solid flow of bookings for the last months of 2020 and the first months of 2021.

Hyper Flexible Booking & Cancelation Policies

This is probably the most important priority of them all.  It has become extremely hard to plan vacations ahead of time due to great uncertainty at all levels.  We understand that the world has changed, and we have implemented some of the industry’s most flexible and user-friendly booking, pre-payment, and cancelation policies.  We call it “Zero Risk – Zero Hassle”.  More details here.


Values like Free Nights – Even during High Season

Everybody likes a good deal. Especially right now.  We typically offer “free nights” for extended stays in the low season only.  But we realize that this coming high season will be different and are offering attractive offers for extending stays at no additional cost.  All the value offers for all the hotels can be found here

A High-Quality Experience

This is of course not negotiable.  The first international guests that visited us after the borders reopened thanked us for “making them feel normal” again. They said that they were able to “let go” and enjoy themselves like before.  They appreciated all the precautions that we implemented to keep them safe, but really enjoyed their luxury suite, abundant nature and wildlife, fresh & healthy local food, and most importantly the passion for service and authenticity of our staff. 

Implementation of Covid19 Protocols

We have been operating successfully with the new Covid19 Protocols in Costa Rica for over five months now.  And we are very clear that it is not just about an international certification and a great plan on paper.  At Cayuga, we are “living” the protocols every day and make sure that they are 100% implemented and followed by every single staff member.  Our guests feel safe with us and we have no records of any of our guests, staff members, or suppliers transmitting the virus while at our hotels.  More information on our protocols here

…and what about Sustainability?

 We have heard that this Covid19 crisis has increased the importance of sustainability to a broader base of travelers.  We think that is possible, but are not so sure. But we do know that this is something that we have been passionate about for over over 25 years. For us at Cayuga, this is not a trend.  We continue to walk the talk in terms of our sustainability practices.  Join us to protect the natural environments and improve the local communities where our hotels and lodges are located. The best way to learn about our practices is to join us on our back of the house sustainability tour. Learn more about this here.

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