Welcome Founding Members

Welcome Founding Members!

[Note: In case you’re wondering, this post is a follow-up to THIS POST which received lots of wonderful emails and comments from people who wanted to become Founding Members. It’s clear that A LOT of you want to see Cayuga’s first Guest Appreciation Program happen!].

Welcome Founding Members

You are the first and founding members of Cayuga’s first Guest Appreciation Program.

Before we get started, thank you again for co-creating this program. Sustainable travel has come such a long way since my co-owner Andrea and I first started Cayuga Hospitality back in 2003. The fact that you’re involved as a Founding Member says so much about our deeper ideals as travelers.

I’m honored that you’re here.

Here’s the really exciting part. We’re not only going to create Cayuga’s first Guest Appreciation Program together – but something tells me we’ve got a movement on our hands too. A movement to keep our ideals at the center of everything we do. A movement to be conscious travelers wherever we go in the world.

Here’s what’s going to happen

Over the next few weeks, you’ll hear from me by email whenever I post an update on the Cayuga blog. Along the way, I’ll have questions for you too.

It’s going to take me a lot of work to coordinate the logistics of this new program, so I want to make sure it’s something you really really want.

That’s why I encourage you to share your answers and ideas openly in the comments of the Cayuga blog. That way, your ideas can be included as we shape the program together.

Now, I’d like to get to know you.

In the comments, let me know:

As a Founding Member, why do YOU want to see Cayuga’s first Guest Appreciation Program created?

What will it mean for you?

19 responses to “Welcome Founding Members!”

  1. As travellers my wife and I have been trying to see all the amazing places that we have read about and seen on the TV.
    We have been excited by catalogues and videos of our destinations, only to discover on arrival that we were the victims of selective advertising.
    So,when we found lapa rios,it was such a surprise to find exactly what we had been promised. Then,we were caught up in a situation that could have been serious. The side of our cabin was blown out in a tropical storm. This could have been a traumatic experience, but, the situation was handled with such professionalism and personal care that we only realised after the event that it could have ended very differently.
    We then realised that “customer service” is not something that is part of the sales approach, but is dedication to the safety, enjoyment and of the commitment of the staff.
    Hans, we will be coming to Cayuga hotels and lodges for the foreseeable future. If we can introduce your company to other potential lucky travellers, we would consider that a job well done.
    Jim and Gina Palmer

    • Hi Jim and Gina — I’m Kim. I’ll be helping Hans with Cayuga’s first Guest Appreciation program over the next few weeks. Thank you for sharing your experience on here – unbelievable – and I’m so glad to hear that you were safe after such an unexpected experience. Looking forward to more of your stories and thoughts as we piece this program together…

  2. I think the guest appreciation program is a great way to stay connected to the work that Cayuga is doing. I’m looking forward to hearing about the programs and initiatives at the Cayuga properties. I’ll also take advantage of any special events or discounts that are available. Cayuga seems like a great company and I support the philosophy of sustainable travel wholeheartedly.! All the best 🙂

    • Thank you Bobby, more to come on this for sure! I’m Kim by the way, I’ll be helping Hans with the program over these next few weeks 🙂

  3. Obviously, we hope the program will provide discounted opportunities for members to experience the Cayuga properties that they haven’t yet visited &/or otherwise receive special pricing, including during periods of anticipated low occupancy at particular Cayuga properties.

    We also hope the program will include an online forum where members can “compare notes” about their experiences at various Cayuga properties, as well as include a separate online facility for members to (openly or confidentially) post commendations to particular properties and/or staff members for particularly enjoyable experiences, as well as post suggestions for improvements, including additional desired amenities, at particular properties.

    That’s about all we can think of right now! Thanks for asking!

    Paul & Cathy

    • Hi Paul and Cathy, I’m Kim – I’ll be helping Hans with the program over these next few weeks. Great point about the online forum, what a fantastic idea! More to come on this…

  4. We love Costa Rica and enjoy two beautiful vacation homes in the Dominical area. One of the reasons we are so involved in helping others plan their dream trips is because I love hearing “we had the best vacation of our lives”!

    We have referred our friends, family and paying guests to two of the Cayuga of hotels (Finca Rosa Blanca and Arenas y Mar) in conjunction with their trips. We have enjoyed the benefits of the Hilton and Starwood loyalty programs and feel creation of this program will increase customer loyalty towards the Cayuga chain!

    Our homes? Villa Suenos Pacificos and Villa Solo Bueno Homeaway #188225 and 271447

  5. I want to see this program because it is a way to support sustainable hospitality in such a seasonal business environment. It will mean to me, we contribute with a better future together.

    • Hi Elmer, I’m Kim – I’ll be helping Hans over the next few weeks on the program. I totally agree with you on this! That’s what brings me to Cayuga too 😀

  6. Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts and hopes for the program. Not only do I love traveling to Costa Rica and the level of service and accommodations offered by Cayuga properties, but I am especially passionate about sustainable travel, particularly in the gorgeous corner of the world these properties are located. I agree with much of the above comments. I hope that there will be incentives offered to frequent visitors during off-season times, but I would also recommend blocks of rooms during high season. In my experience, frequent visitors tend to be easier to accommodate and require less staff attention, as they already know their way around, what services are available, how to enjoy themselves, and when problems pop-up a frequent visitor can be more understanding of how that issue is resolved. Beyond discounted rates, I imagine that there could be other rewards available to members, including free add-ons, adventures, services, access to member’s only events, etc. Also, I hope the program will provide additional information about other travel partners in the areas of the properties with similar missions, provide a community and board for sharing among members, and a forum to provide feedback, positive or negative, on the program, properties, and staff in a productive and candid manner.

    • Hi Joe, I’m Kim – as I mentioned to others in the comments, I’ll be helping Hans with the program over these next few weeks. I really appreciate your comments – great point about other travel partners with similar missions, so important to sustainable travel. More to come on this…

  7. I would like to see the Appreciation program matching the deals you offer on Groupon and Secret Escapes, etc so that more of the money goes to Cayuga and less to these internet discount sites. Plus for each return visit you should offer couples something free. eg. On your first return visit a free yoga class for two . On your 2nd return visit a free 30 minute couples massage. Maybe on your third of fourth return visit a free offer of increasing value. Then on your fifth return a free night.

    This program would mean you value my business and appreciate my returns.

    • Hi Kelley, glad to have you as a Founding Member! I’m Kim and I’ll be helping Hans with the program over the next few weeks. Thanks ever so much for your thoughts on this – we’ll definitely tap into details like this soon. Awesome feedback, thank you!

  8. Ji Hans,
    this is happening in real time!
    we are going back to Arenas Del Mar in August, we contacted the Hotel and asked if it was possible to have the same room as last year…..Guess What! We got it!
    we will share this with anyone who will listen,
    It’s SO!! cool to have a company that actually helps, without putting a price tag on the help!
    Way to go Cayuga

    Jim and Gina Palmer

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