The week after Tropical Storm Nate in Costa Rica and Nicaragua

We would like to thank everybody that reached out to us in the last two weeks to ask how our hotels and lodges were dealing with the impact of tropical storm Nate.  Thankfully, none of our infrastructure nor hotel operations were negatively affected.  Our employees and their families are safe.  We had a lot of rainfall and road access to some of the areas where we operate became difficult but the government was able to restore access on the main roads quickly.

The kitchen at the Harmony Hotel in Nosara, where we typically prepare gourmet meals turned into the center of massive food production for the community shelters.

Unfortunately there was loss of life in Costa Rica and Nicaragua and thousands had to spend several nights in shelters.  But compared to the devastating impacts of the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma in the US and Maria in Puerto Rico, we were lucky.  No doubt that weather is becoming increasingly extreme in all parts of the world and at all our hotels and lodges we have started to prepare of extreme weather events in the future.  It is about climate adaption now.

Taking food to Nosara in the manager’s car. OK, we did not do too well on the plastic. Something to consider for next time.

One of the areas that was hit hardest is the province of Guanacaste, where the Harmony Hotel is located.  It typically attracts surfers and yoga enthusiasts but for three days during the worst of the storm, we had to close the hotel and serve as a shelter for distressed neighbors and we used the kitchen facility to feed community members in the local shelters.

The rains affected mostly roads and in some cases caused landslides. But we got spared of the strong winds typical for tropical storms.

The central and southern Pacific coast was also affected by heavy flooding and the team at Arenas del Mar Resort in Manuel Antonio (featured in the top picture) were among the first ones to organize a food drive for the local shelters. At the Cayuga Collection Corporate Office in San Jose we collected food and clothes for the ones in most need.  It was taking to Guanacaste by one of our managers to be sure the help gets directly to the people.  Thanks to everybody for your help and support.

Getting food to the people in need was a top priority last week.

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