We planted 721 Trees:   Anniversary Celebrations – The Cayuga way!

During the month of May, we celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the Cayuga Collection.  We wanted to leave a positive impact and decided that this could best be achieved by planting trees.  It started on May 2nd, the actual anniversary date with the Cayuga corporate team planting 50 trees in the mountains of Escazu, about a one hour walk from the corporate offices.

The additional 671 trees were planted by the staff of the hotels and in one case also assisted by community volunteers.

Jicaro Lodge in Lake Nicaragua planted 60 fruit trees at the Padre Minor School.  The school has received the support of Jicaro for many years and its infrastructure has been basically renewed through donations of guests at Jicaro.

Latitude 10 Resort in Santa Teresa, the smallest of the Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges planted 15 native species of trees within the hotel premises to replace some trees that have fallen during the past years.  This was also done to ensure that the local wildlife like monkeys and birds find adequate food and shelter.

In Nosara, the staff of the Harmony and Harbor Reef Hotels together with volunteers from the local community planted an impressive 406 trees in the Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre in Ostional, where every year an impressive number of sea turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs.

The team at Arenas del Mar Rainforest & Beachfront Resort planted 30 trees in an elementary school in Manuel Antonio together with local school children.

At Kura Design Villas in Uvita, 10 native trees were planted by staff members in the areas surrounding the hotel premises.

And finally, a very motivated group of employees of Lapa Rios Lodge on the Osa Peninsula planted 150 trees as part of a reforestation project in cooperation with Osa Conservation, an NGO that we have been working with on many projects such as wildlife camera traps, river health investigation, sea turtle conservation and organic agriculture.

If you happen to visit one of the Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges in Costa Rica, Nicaragua or Panama, ask us if you would like to see the trees of if you want to join our efforts and also plant a tree to help our planet “breathe”.

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