Update from Hotel Grano de Oro’s Social Project Casa Luz

An update from Casa Luz.  An incredible charity project that has been started by the owners of the Cayuga Collection Hotel Grano de Oro in San Jose.

The mission of Casa Luz is to break the inter generational cycle of abuse and sexual exploitation of children in Costa Rica. This is accomplished by providing a safe, loving, Christian environment for at risk young mothers (age 15+) and their children. This environment provides the resources necessary to allow these families healthy and successful reintegration into society.

Casa Luz
Children at Casa Luz

As you are aware, we began construction of 8 single family apartments in July 2013. The process was not without delays and frustrations but with patience and perseverance we now have beautiful new homes for our Casa Luz families as they move out of Stage 1 to begin integration back into the community.

We are thankful for all the financial and physical assistance we received in order to make this dream a reality:

In January 2014 we received a work team from RockPointe Church in Calgary. They were a group of able bodied enthusiastic young people. The plan was they would come and do some landscaping in front of the new building. Of course with the delays, this work could not be done, so they agreed to change the plan and became painters. It was a grueling job of sanding and priming cement walls and dry walled ceilings. They were amazing and accomplished an incredible amount of work in a short period of time.

Casa Luz
Casa Luz Construction of New Building

Our second group arrived in Feb. but with a different purpose. In order to accommodate the children from Casa Luz and the new apartments, we needed to expand our daycare/preschool facility. Again the group was from RockPointe Church and included 3 members who were returning to Casa Luz for the second time. The transformation of two of our existing apartments into a calm colorful childlike space was miraculous to say the least. Their commitment and accomplishment amazed all the young moms and staff in Casa Luz. Walls came down, doorways were moved, plumbing and electrical relocated, cupboards installed and finally all was painted in soft pastel colors”¦all in one week’s time!

As March arrived we began to feel like the apartments would never be finished. Our third group was sent by Samaritan’s Purse Canada. They came prepared to paint but did so much more. They painted the remaining apartments, installed the kitchen cabinets, ceiling fans, and bathroom hardware AND painted the entire exterior of the building! The process of transforming homes from the mess they encountered upon arrival inspired them to do great things!

Casa Luz
New Kitchen at Casa Luz

During the time they spent with us, we had many conversations about the plan for the rest of the property and the dream of grass for the kids to play on. They experienced firsthand the dirt and dust that blew constantly into the apartments and saw the need for the large unused area beside the new building to be finished in some manner. The day before they left we were given the amazing news that the church that a number of them belonged to in Three Hills, Alberta, had agreed to pay for the entire area to be grassed and an underground watering system to be installed in order to water at night to help lower the cost of keeping the grass green and child friendly during the long, hot and dry summers.

Casa Luz
Finished new apartments at Casa Luz

As of the end of May, we have 3 families living in the new apartments. They are still in disbelief that they are living independently in a place they could never have dreamed of having. The transition has gone smoothly. Two of the mothers are working and the third has a new baby.   This is a new challenge for the staff and ourselves as we define the roll we will all play in the lives of these families, to ensure they continue to grow spiritually and as mothers.

Casa Luz
New apartments in action at Casa Luz

We continue to be blessed by all of you in so many ways. Your financial assistance, donations of items like handmade quilts (RockPointe ladies). clothing, craft and card making supplies and your continued prayers are very much appreciated. Thanks Margret for the amazing aprons the girls received for Mother’s Day. Blessings to all of you from all of us at Casa Luz!

Contact Casa Luz at  http://www.hotelgranodeoro.com/our_social_project.html.

Casa Luz
Casa Luz

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