Tourism for Tomorrow Awards 2018 – We are Finalists!

What a great way to start the year.  We are finalists of the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards and will be travelling to Buenos Aires in April to hopefully win this prestigious award.

At the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels & Lodges, our teams constantly strive to deliver unparalleled guest experiences while seamlessly blending sustainability and luxury. This has been our mission since our inception in 2003.

Since then, our properties have been recognized on multiple occasions for their responsible operations.  Our most notable include: Travel + Leisure Global Vision Awards 2010; Conde Nast Traveler World Saver Award 2010 & 2012; Winner in the Americas of the Green Hotelier Awards 2016; and of course the 2017 Earth Changers National Geographic World Legacy Award.

As we head into 2018, we are thrilled to announce that Cayuga is one of the fifteen finalists in the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards from The Authority on World Travel & Tourism (WTTC). The Cayuga Collection is in the running for the People Award, which showcases companies dedicated to the development of capacity-building, training and education of a skilled workforce for the future.  All 15 Finalists illustrate great commitment to policies, business practices and consumer behaviors in support of a more sustainable tourism sector.

Some of the Cayuga initiatives highlighted include year around employment for team members despite the strong seasonality of the industry, and the career path opportunities for local staff to move up the ranks in the organization including to top management positions.

Most recently, a company doctor program has been set up for hotel staff and their children.  In addition to caring for our staff, the goal is to incentivize private doctors to relocate to the beautiful rural areas where their lodges operate and improve the quality of healthcare in the regions in general.

At the Cayuga Collection, our staff is as important to us as our guests.  And for many of our guests, our staff members are what make traveling with Cayuga so meaningful.  In celebration of our dedicated staff, we’d love to hear from you – share your stories of memorable staff members and moments with us in the comments below and keep your fingers crossed for the upcoming award ceremony in April 2018 in Argentina.

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