This is when we are especially very proud of what we do at our Hotels & Lodges

We run small boutique luxury Hotels, Resorts and Eco lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.   Every day we try to create very special experiences for our guests and hopefully exceed their expectations.   We take them on  adventure hikes in the rain forest, teach them how stand up on a surf board, share our food, culture and customs with them and create special memories for honeymoon couples and families.

But what really takes this all to another level is the impact that we are able to create in our staff and the communities we operate every   day.   Sometimes we forget as we are all caught up in the day to day hotel operations.   We are 100% committed to work with locals only.   We offer year round employment, even though our business is very seasonal and we strongly believe in education and training all of our staff.

As part of this ongoing training, we have invested a significant amount of time and money in our management teams and middle management at all the Cayuga Collection Hotels and Eco Lodges in order to improve their professional development as managers.   Topics such as leadership, commitment and communication were some of the more recent topics.
Jicaro Island Ecolodge is one of Nicaragua’s premier ecolodges located near the Colonial Town of Granada.  This is where Claudia works in reservations and Jose Salvador in Maintenance.

We would like to share the story of how Claudia, the Reservations Leader at Jicaro Island Ecologe in Nicaragua, applied these concepts to her world as a leader of the Lodge and really made a difference.   In one of the sessions, she was asked to make a commitment that would create a positive change in somebody’s life.   To be serious about it and follow through.   So here is what she did.

Jose Salvador is 28 years old and has been working in the maintenance department at Jicaro for almost a year now. He loves his job and is grateful for the opportunity that has been given to him.   But like many Nicaraguans, he was allowed to only go to school until 2nd grade, then he had to go work to support his family that was living a difficult economic situation.   He never learned how to read and write.

Learning to read and write in Nicaragua
Claudia teaching Jose Salvador how to read and write in the Jicaro Island EcoLodge Reservation Office.

It was not hard for Claudia to make this commitment as she had discovered in Jose Salvador a humble and well mannered person that really would like to excel in his personal and professional life, but the part of not being able to read and write was a big obstacle that needed to be removed.   So for the past 2 months, Jose Salvador arrived to work an hour early and Claudia took the time to teach him.   They are making slow but steady progress.

Jose Salvador learning how to read
Jose Salvador in his “classroom”, the Jicaro Island Ecolodge Office on the port near Granada, Nicaragua.

There are many similar stories happening at all the Cayuga Collection Sustainable Luxury Hotels.   If you are wondering how you could help?   Very simple, come stay with us.   Your tourism dollars support our sustainainability efforts and allow us to make a positive impact in the remote communities where we ope’rate.   Many times, we feel that people look at sustainability mostly related to Lead Certifications and saving energy.   But we Think that it really all starts with the people”¦ one at a time.

Thank you Claudia for being such a great example.   Keep up the great work.  If you want to send Claudia a note and congratulate her on her work or make a reservation for a stay at Jicaro Island Ecolodge, this is her e-mail:

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