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Have you heard of the 10-year challenge?  An Internet challenge that requires people to post pictures of themselves now and ten years ago.

It has come under scrutiny after social media users suspected it may have been developed by Facebook for secretive purposes.  We don’t really have any idea how true this is and leave it up to the experts.

But this got us thinking.  We researched a bit and saw some of our former guests participate in this challenge…

Reese Whitherspoon

But at the same time, we found a lot of pictures that depict the destruction of our natural environments in the last 10 years around the world that was quite shocking.  For example this post of the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest by Greenpeace.


Or this comparison of how plastic has taken over our oceans by an organization called Global Icon.  If you have followed us in the past, you know that we feel very strongly about the use of single-use plastic and have banned plastic water bottles and plastic straws from our hotels and lodges for almost 10 years (another 10-year challenge).


An area that is very easy to recognize is the melting of glaciers and ice at the poles.  Even Arsenal Footballer Mesut Oezil posted on his Instagram account on this topic.


All of this made us realize that we are lucky to be operating our Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges in areas where the situation of the environment has actually improved in the last 10 years and we continue to work hard to put our part that things stay like this or improve in the next years until 2029.

Arenas del Mar
Arenas del Mar, Manuel Antonio Costa Rica. We have seen a significant increase in wildlife in our private reserve and have increased the number of tours that we do on site now. This picture was taken on the Night Tour.


Kura, Uvita, Costa Rica. For us at Cayuga, sustainability is not only about protecting animals. It is about communities and especially about environmental education of future generations.


Lapa Rios
Lapa Rios Lodge, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. The first picture in this blog of the rainforest was taken at Lapa Rios Reserve. Protected into perpetuity through a conservation easement.


Senda Monteverde, Costa Rica. Monteverde is a community in the mountains of Costa Rica that has been a “trailblazer” for conservation in Costa Rica. We are very proud to have just opened our first hotel there and now be part of this success story for conservation.


Isla Palenque
Isla Palenque, Golfo de Chiriqui, Panama. We started to operate in Panama in 2018 and found that in terms of sustainability, there is still a lot to do. But we found a natural paradise in the islands of the Chiriqui Gulf and will do all we can do to protect this magical area of the Pacific Coast.


Jicaro Lodge, Lake Nicaragua. As we said before. Sustainability is about education, community and making sure that we leave a better world for future generations.


Latitude 10
Latitude 10, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. A common visitor to our pool area and a great example how wildlife and humans can coexist.


Harmony Hotel, Nosara, Costa Rica. This is where one of our gardeners introduced us to bamboo straws almost ten years ago.

Do you have any 10 year challenges you want to share with us?  Contact us at


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