Have you taken a vacation this year?

If you have – congratulations, you did well.  You are doing much better than many others out there.  Almost 40% of Americans have not taken a vacation this year.  The following statistics were published in Skift Magazine last month:

“To better understand what the average American worker was thinking this year, We asked a pool of over 2,000 people: “Now that summer is almost over, how many days of vacation did you take this summer?” While 33.5% of respondents said that they took either one or two weeks vacation, 48.4% said that they had taken either no vacation (37.4%) or 1-3 days (11%).”

Jicaro Nicaragua
A vacation is not just about relaxing at the pool sipping cocktails. It is about learning about cultures, trying new foods and connecting with the locals like here at Jicaro Island Ecolodge in Nicaragua.

The advice from the management gurus in terms of health and productivity is clear:  “The real enemy of high performance is not stress. Stress = Growth. The problem is the absence of disciplined, intermittent recovery.” – J. Loehr & T. Schwartz

So, why is it so hard for North Americans to go on vacation?  Of course there are monetary restraints.  We all know about that.  But we wonder if people just do not know how to go on a vacation, change their routine and simply “let go”.  Is this something that needs to be taught?  “How to organize you work, your private life and your finances so that you can go on a vacation?”  A university course?  An online course?

Waterfull lunch
Have you ever had lunch in the middle of the rain forest next to a gushing waterfall? Those are the experience that renew you and will recharge your batteries… This experience is a favorite at Lapa Rios Ecolodge in Costa Rica.

We see the positive impact that a vacation can have.  We observe the before and after.  We greet guests that arrive, pale, tired, stressed and with “worry wrinkles” on their forehead.  And we see them leaving looking healthy, talkative, smiling and relaxed after a few days with us.  There is not a doubt on our minds that those guests will be better and more productive employees once they get back to their jobs.  Of course it helps that our hotels, resorts and lodges are located in natural environments with plenty of activities, healthy food and friendly people all around.

Maybe businesses need to set up training sessions on how to take a vacations?  We would be happy to help.  Send us a note if you need help.  And yes, summer is over, but it is never too late for a quick escape.  Now is a great time to visit Costa Rica and Nicaragua taking advantage of our green season values.

Fresh Ceviche, a cold beer and all of this while sitting on a secluded tropical beach.  You can find that experience at Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rain Forest Resort in Manuel Antonio.


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