Don’t Kill Yourself Working so Hard

January 23, 2016

Why is it so hard for Americans to take time off and go on vacation?  Research clearly shows that not going on vacation has very negative impacts on health and performance.

We run hotels, resorts and ecolodges in beautiful tropical vacation destinations.  Of course it is in our interest, that Americans and Europeans take time off and go on vacation.  No problem with the Europeans as vacation time is deeply engraved in their culture.  But a recent survey done by Skift Magazine showed that during 2015, 41 percent of Americans didn’t take a single vacation day and almost 17 percent said they took less than 5 vacation days.  These numbers are about the same as in 2014, when Skift did the same survey.

So from a marketing point of view, our “target” market of North Americans going on vacation is cut in half just by the fact that they don’t even go on vacation.  We are not competing with other destinations, we are competing with offices!  So why are Americans not taking vacations?