Sustainable Luxury Hotels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Is Panama next?

Last week we explored the options to add Cayuga’s first sustainable luxury lodge in Panama.  We are still in the planning and feasibility stages, but the location is just perfect for what the Cayuga Way of traveling is all about.  A lush tropical island with white sand beaches located in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Travel to and from the island involves some logistics.  Planes, boats, land transfers.  But it is worth the journey.  No doubt about it.

When we engage in new hospitality projects, we typically bring along our strategic partners in development.  In this case Vida Design Studio Master planners and Sphera Sustainability Consulting and Project Management.  We have worked on them on several other projects before and our values are totally aligned.  It is great to work with such partners.

We spent almost four full days exploring the island and scouting the best locations for future guest experiences.  There is a lot of potential here.

One of the key factors when developing a new project is to make sure that there is a good chemistry with the owners.   The location and physical factors of the potential hotel or lodge locations are important.  But if we feel that we don’t align with the owners, we pass on even the greatest opportunities.  In the case of this island in Panama, we are on the right track.

Not a common hurdle to overcome.  Recovering the drone that crashed into the palm tree.

Sometimes we run into obstacles.  In this case, we almost lost our drone that Vida uses to scout the building sites from above.  It crashed into a palm tree near the beach.  But with the help of some very agile locals, we were able to recover it the next day.

The idea of the workshop is to come up with a conceptual masterplan for the lodge.  We are getting close.  Luxury beachfront lodge in the planning here…

Stay tuned to learn more about our advances with this project.  We would love to have a Panamanian member of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels & Lodges in 2017.



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  1. Hola. Nos gustaría conversar con ustedes. Tenemos unas propiedades tituladas que quizás les puedan interesar para su proyecto.

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