Giving Back / Equilibrium

Giving Back / Equilibrium

In the past several years, we have helped to set up a non-profit, public charity called Earth Equilibrium ( and currently channel our donations and community support efforts through this organization. We implement projects that show that we can live more amicably with our planet. Equilibrium has 501c3 status, which means that all US donations are tax deductible. Donations made by Costa Ricans are also tax deductible since the organization is also duly registered in Costa Rica.

Equilibrium implements one particular project in partnership with the Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges entitled Building for the Future. Its goal is to:

  1. Provide school supplies for students and classrooms
  2. Provide textbooks for students
  3. Provide small infrastructure like desks, chairs, shelves
  4. Improve current infrastructure like bathrooms, playgrounds, dining halls

Some of the schools where such projects are well underway are:

Las Delicias School (Nosara, Costa Rica)

With our partner The Harmony Hotel we are rebuilding this two room school to improve ventilation, lighting, and overall safety of the structure. We will equip the kindergarten classroom with supplies and provide textbooks for grades 1-6. The longer term goal is to turn this into a sustainable school that can demonstrate responsible practices for the community.

Sabalo School (Manuel Antonio , Costa Rica)

With our partner Arenas del Mar Resort, we are refurbishing and rebuilding classrooms, restrooms, and library space. We are also building a recycling storage center and implementing a solid waste management plan for the community.

Padre Nello School (Granada, Nicaragua)

Schools in the isletas of Granada lack potable water and most do not have electricity. With our partner Jicaro Lodge we are installing a water filtration and pump system, and a solar energy system for students to have access to safe drinking water and electricity. This potable water will be available for the 600 community members who also lack clean drinking water.

Puerto Jimenez Community and Area schools (Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica)

We are working with five area schools on repairing and rebuilding very damaged infrastructure. We will continue to support classroom needs by supplying materials and textbooks. This year we will also build a playground for the community in Puerto Jimenez. Our partner in all of this is Lapa Rios Eco Lodge, a long time supporter of community development.

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