The symbiosis of Sustainability and luxury

We at Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality are continually striving to create the perfect combination of a guilt-free luxury lodging experience that does not negatively interfere with the surrounding natural flora and fauna, nor with local communities and people.

Guests at Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges can expect authentic and unique experiences. We are recognized as world leaders in sustainable tourism and have received numerous awards and press coverage for our efforts. However, we maintain a distinct interpretation of the concept of luxury that goes far beyond golden faucets, Italian marble and exotic food and drinks served in air-conditioned restaurants. Here are some examples of what many of our guests can experience as the “new” luxury.

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  • Being awoken by howler monkeys in the rain forest canopy at sunrise and later sipping a cup of locally grown organic coffee on your private deck.
  • Trading air-conditioning for the sounds of crashing waves while sleeping in 600 thread count organic cotton sheets.
  • Participating in an improvised cooking lesson with the local chef because you really enjoyed that fresh fish ceviche dish on the menu and would like to learn how to prepare it at home.
  • Bringing school utensils to a local school and having your children interact with local children in the classroom or for a soccer game during the break.
  • Making a conscious decision to pass on non-sustainable seafood (endangered species or not caught in a sustainable manner) and instead enjoying local delicacies that are 100% fresh, local and sustainable.
  • Drinking refreshing well water in reusable bottles instead of commercially bottled water shipped needlessly from thousands of miles away.
  • Stretching beyond your comfort zone and engaging in a new activity. Take a surf lesson, do a yoga class, go on a zip line or waterfall rappelling tour.
  • Taking a cool shower in your private outdoor bathroom with organic and biodegradable bath amenities (A howler monkey might be watching you from the trees above!)
  • Connecting with the staff members that serve you at the hotel and together visiting a local market or meeting up for a soccer game at the beach.


The “sacrifices” you make will be more than compensated by the authenticity of the experience and especially the warmth and friendliness of the staff that will take care of you.