Suffering Jicaro Island Withdrawal Symptoms?

This comment on the Jicaro Instagram account this weekend caught our attention.  It was posted by Elefant Travel, one of Spain’s most premium travel agencies.   They did a site inspection on Cayuga Collection’s Jicaro Island Lodge in Lake Nicaragua last week with Spanish travel journalists.

Everybody that has spent more than 24 hours will certainly understand what they are talking about.  Once back in the “normal” world, the symptoms start to set in.  Most common signs of withdrawal are:

You expect to see sunsets like this every day. Then you realize that there is no volcano in the background and that you don’t have a kayak or paddle board at your disposal at all times.
You expect everybody to smile, ask you how you are doing (and mean it) and be helpful at all times. Then you realize that most of the time everybody just minds their own business.
You expect your seafood to be caught freshly every day and served in a matter of hours. They you walk into your local market and realized that the “fresh fish” that is on special comes from thousands of miles away…
You expect to see, hear and fell only “peace and quiet”. Maybe some birds singing or the sounds of small waves. Then you get into your car and drive to work….
You expect to share your experience with the locals and feel that your vacation stay is making a difference in the local community.
You expect to spend every day with your loved one that came to Jicaro with you. Then you realize that you have to each go your own way…
Let us help you cure the pain.  Send us a note to with the subject line “Withdrawal Syndrome” and we will make sure that you get your next dose of Jicaro at a very reasonable price.  In case Jicaro is not available, there is always the alternative of the other Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges in Costa Rica and Panama (coming to you in 2018).

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