Smartwater by Coca Cola – The Most Audacious Advertising Lie of the Year

At Cayuga, we have strong feelings about bottled plastic water.  We have been serving safe drinking water in our hotels and lodges without using single-use plastics for over ten years.  So, of course, we are not big fans of the “Big Water” companies as we feel that they are significantly contributing to the plastic garbage problem of the world.  But here is a new one.  It seems like the water served inside that single plastic bottle is also a “hoax”.

According to “Foodwatch”, a non-profit campaigning organization that fights for safe, healthy and affordable food for all people with offices in Germany, France, and the Netherlands, Coca Cola’s “Smartwater” is the most audacious advertising lie of the year.  The criticism: contrary to what Coca-Cola suggests, “Smartwater” is no better than conventional mineral water – but costs up to seven times as much. The beverage company refers to an allegedly “from clouds inspired” manufacturing method.

Of course, we recycle at our hotels and lodges. We keep track of how much plastic waste we produce every month.  But it is always better to avoid single-use plastics in the first place.

For more details on this “Windbag” award presented to Coca-Cola by Foodwatch and the methodology behind the process, visit the Foodwatch Website.

We have made estimates that if we were to sell bottled plastic waters in our nine Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama, we could potentially increase our revenues by 1 Million Dollars.  And of course, the profit margins on those sales are enormous.  But it is not all about maximizing profits.   We believe in eliminating all single-use plastic from our operations over time and have taken the National Geographic Pledge “Planet or Plastic”.  Visit this site and become part of the solution.

Nat Geo Planet or Plastic

It is not easy to be 100% plastic free.  It is a process.  At the Cayuga Collection, we eliminated plastic straws almost ten years ago and it was not an easy task.   We are currently working on significantly reducing plastic packaging of the products that we receive from our suppliers.  For example, we are working on eliminating Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Hot Sauce and Mustard – Sorry Mr. Heinz – by producing those products from scratch in our kitchens and serving them fresh every day.  We are also “battling” with our suppliers of fruit and produce to keep wrapping of fruit and vegetables to an absolute minimum.  Stay tuned to learn more about our initiatives or just come and visit us at our sustainable luxury hotels and lodges and see for yourself.

No Artificial Ingredients

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