Santa Teresa’s Best Fish Tacos:  From Housekeeper to Chef

Meet Lauren Francini Cruz.   She is responsible for the fresh and delicious food that our guests at Latitude 10° Resort in Santa Teresa enjoy every day.  No, she is not a culinary school graduate, nor does she have any formal training in the kitchen, but, she does bring platefuls of passion to her food, and she’s a quick-learning, hard-working chef.

Francini was born in a small village in the north of Costa Rica and also attended school there.  She started to work when she was just 12 years old in her father’s farm.  Her parents and one sister still live on the farm while she and five of her brothers moved to Santa Teresa to find work.  She has two children – Josimar is 12 and Natalia is 6.  Her hobbies include dancing, spending time with her family and going to the beach.

No, those are not the Fish Tacos. But also another masterpiece prepared by Francini. The “do not miss” Breakfast Burrito” with Gallo Pinto.
Francini has been working with Latitude 10° for almost four years.  She started as a housekeeper and was then given the opportunity to work in the kitchen where today she’s the “Team Leader”.  What makes her most happy is to see the guests happy.  Seeing them smile after they try a dish that she’s prepared for them just “makes her day”. Francini wants to continue to learn and grow as a chef.  She has embarked on a career path to formalize her skills in the kitchen and to become a fully-fledged Head Chef, and wants to continue exploring the culinary world.   She is very thankful to Latitude 10° and Cayuga for offering her opportunities. Some of the most memorable moments that Francini recalls are how warmly she was welcomed when she first started at Latitude 10° and how everybody celebrated her birthday with her in October 2014.  It was the time of year when we close the hotel for a few days and take out staff on an excursion.  In that particular year, we went to an amusement park in San José, something that Francini will never forget.
Playing with Light at the beach at Latitude 10 in Santa Teresa right in front of Latitude 10 Resort.
If you’d like to meet Francini and try her famous Fish Tacos while relaxing at the beach with your feet in the sand, send us a note and we will be happy to offer you a great Green Season Value for your stay at Latitude 10°.

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