Pura Vida, it’s more than just words!

At Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality we exemplify meaning of ” Pura Vida.”   Although it has many meanings, the phrase ” Pura Vida” is most commonly used as a greeting, farewell, and in expressions of satisfaction.

Our hotels and resorts show you the ” real” Costa Rica.   We like making our properties authentic to give you a taste of just how beautiful, interesting, and exhilarating Costa Rica can be.   Take life slowly, celebrate the good in life, and have a strong sense of community and you’ll be sure to feel better.

At Cayuga we want everyone to life the ” Pura Vida” lifestyle.   That is why our company supports the local community in many ways including protecting the natural habitats of animals, hiring locally, supporting the local schools, and much more.

Costa Rica. This is living!

A leader in ecotourism, Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality manages luxury and boutique hotels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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