Our Post-Covid Cayuga Week – The Best Ever!

Every November, we bring the middle management and distinguished team members of all the Cayuga Collection Hotels for a few days of training, motivation, bonding, and fun to San Jose.  This is the best week of the year for all of us.  We are so proud to see so much local talent and passion for sustainability and hospitality in one place. 

After two years of Covid, we were finally able to have a week of enriching experiences, learning leadership skills, connecting, and sharing a few meals with peers from other hotels of the Collection. 

Pictures say more than words…  Here is Cayuga Week 2022!

We started Cayuga Week 2022 with a visit to the Fire Department in San Jose. “Being ready” took on a whole different dimention for the team.

The station Chief shared his experiences of leadership. Many of our managers later mentioned that this presentation was very helpful to them.

We took group prictures or all participants. This the team from Isla Palenque that came up to Costa Rica from Panama.

“Thanks for all the Cayuga Week activities. Once again, they exceeded my expectations and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be part of the group this year, I learned a lot and look forward to next year.”
Yael, Senda Monteverde

This was my second Cayuga week and I was excited to continue my path of learning and growing as a professional.  It was great to experience so much human warmth and smiles.  This was a transformative experience for me.  Thank you Cayuga for making this possible.”
Maria Esther, Arenas del Mar

Cayuga Week was incredible because I was able to connect and interact with my colleagues from the other Cayuga Collection Hotels.  The presentations and activities were fun and I learned a lot.
Maritza, Aguas Claras

“A great experience.  I liked the leadership workshops, where all the focus was on people.  This is the Cayuga Way.   I added the breathing and gratitude exercise from Day 2 to my running routine and I feel full of good vibes!”
Jens, Isla Palenque

“For me, this was a unique and very enriching experience.  I love how Cayuga cares about its staff and is teaching us leadership skills.”
Odalia, Arenas del Mar

“For me, Cayuga Week was a very enriching experience on a personal and professional level. I loved meeting colleagues from other hotels and the motivational leadership talks.  My favorite was the visit at the fire department and the musical exercise with Tapado. Since this was my first Cayuga week, I was happy to see that the owners and managers of Cayuga participated in all the activities and shared their passion and dedication with us.  I also learned that Cayuga cares about the physical and mental health of its employees.  I leave very motivated to give my best at work every day.”
Nathalie, Aguas Claras


“The Cayuga Week experience is something without comparison.  It is not an event that many companies in Costa Rica offer to their employees.  It makes a huge difference in the organizational culture and I am very grateful to Cayuga for letting me be part of this experience.”
Alexis, Aguas Claras

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