New Program for Digital Creators

New Program for Digital Creators: Storyteller in Residence!

A few years ago, we invited Mike and Kim of Coffee Abroad to visit Lapa Rios, and they created five videos about their green honeymoon. When we saw their enthusiasm for sustainable travel and their curiosity about our work, we realized that there are others out there who genuinely believe in sustainability as much as we do — and who approach it from a completely different perspective.

Digital creators, journalists, videographers and photographers have a way of telling stories through their work — showcasing, critiquing, and highlighting through their creations.

That’s why today, we’re excited to share that we’ve created a new program called Storyteller in Residence.

Together with our Co-Presenters, Coffee Abroad, we want to see others do their best creative work in the most incredible places on the planet, and contribute to the conversation on sustainable travel.

About Storyteller in Residence

The Storyteller in Residence Program is an opportunity for creators from a wide range of digital disciplines to live and work from our sustainable luxury hotels and ecolodges for 8-25 days. This program is for you if:

You’re a professional digital creator, journalist, videographer or photographer with formal training or equivalent experience and recognition among your peers

You’re interested in connecting your professional work to the sustainability movement

You’re interested in capturing important stories about the challenges and rewards of sustainable travel

During your residency, you’re provided with accommodation and meals, hotel-operated adventures and tours, a dedicated Cayuga host, and behind-the-scenes access to our operations, staff, wildlife guides, and community projects.


Now Open! 2016 Call for Applications: August 23, – September 23, 2016

We’re currently seeking applications for residencies taking place October & November 2016 for a duration of 8 to 25 days.

Learn more about Storyteller in Residence.
Apply to this year’s Residency.

Now, we’d like to hear from you. In the comments, we’d love to know:

If you could spend 8-25 days as a Storyteller at the Cayuga Collections, what sustainability theme would you focus on— Sustainability & Luxury, Approaches to Sustainable Travel, or Local People and Community?

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