National Geographic nominates Cayuga Collection as “Earth Changers”

There are many hospitality awards out there, but only a handful that are for real – meaning you don’t have to “pay to play”.  One of them is the World Legacy Award by National Geographic.  We are incredibly honored to be named as a finalist in the “Earth Changers” category.

At the Cayuga Collection, we have many reasons to be proud of the work that we have done, and continue to do, throughout our properties. Whether it has been our commitment to providing year around employment to a 100% local workforce, banning plastic water bottles, or providing our guests with bamboo straws for their drinks, we strive to educate our guests on the “Cayuga Way” of blending luxury and sustainability.

Treatment plant
You are able to go on a “back of the house” sustainability tour at all the Cayuga Collection properties.  You will learn how we treat our wastewater, wash the linen, prepare your food and connect with our local staff.  In this picture Jose explains the functioning of the Bionest Treatment plant at Lapa Rios Ecolodge.

Beyond the work that is visible to our guests at the hotel level, the Cayuga Collection has also worked to aid scientific research to protect highly-endangered wild feline populations, and through our NGO – Earth Equilibrium – we continue to provide environmental education to children in areas surrounding hotels and lodges.

The World Legacy Awards, a partnership between National Geographic and ITB Berlin, showcase the leading travel and tourism companies, organizations and destinations — ranging from entire countries to small islands and from urban hotels to jungle retreats — driving the sustainable tourism transformation of the global travel industry.

At Cayuga, we strive to find the perfect symbiosis between Luxury and Sustainability.  Not always an easy task.  At Kura Design Villas in Uvita, guests don’t have to give up creature comforts to enjoy a guilt free vacation experience.

This year’s World Legacy Awards entries spanned the planet, representing 45 countries and six continents, showcasing how sustainable tourism has no boundaries. Finalists in five award categories were selected by an international team of more than 20 judges. A multi-step judging process also included on-site inspections of each finalist.  The Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges were visited by a judge in early November this year.

The Culinary Experience is a very important part of the guest experience.  We use fresh local – and when possible – organic ingredients prepared by local chefs.

Costas Christ, Chairman of National Geographic World Legacy Awards, said, “We have reached a tipping point as more of the travel industry understands that there can be no future for tourism without sustainability, including environmentally-friendly business practices, protection of cultural and natural heritage, and tangible social and economic benefits to local people in travel destinations.”

Cayuga Team
The Cayuga Management Team on a recent visit to a project that supports employment for underprivileged women who manufacture purses.

We also congratulate Finch Bay Eco Hotel in Galapagos and ITC Hotels in India as our fellow category finalists. With company like this, it is an absolute honor to be nominated.  And we look forward to our trip to ITB Berlin in March were we will be waiting for the envelope and the announcement “And the winner is…”

National Geographic World Legacy Awards


3 responses to “National Geographic nominates Cayuga Collection as “Earth Changers””

  1. Congratulations Cayuga for a well deserved nomination as a finalist for this award. We are very proud of you and your achievements.

    You embody sustainable (environmental and social) luxury travel and we wish you success in March.

  2. Kura Design Villas is geographically and environmentally unique. It’s the “Last Stop before Heaven.” Why? Because Heaven is peace, balance, beauty, solitude, perfect food, drink, and excellent service provided by those who care and regard the moment.
    Kura takes me to another level of my own importance. It assures a place and atmosphere to think and dream being more aware of myself. It’s a place to retreat and be spiritual, pampered by a wonderful young staff that instantly likes you because. . . they love what they do! Kura solves. Kura heals. Kura is a place to admire; a place to dream and return restored.
    Margarita Downey

    • Thanks for this wonderful comment about Cayuga Collection’s Kura Design Villas ( Come back soon.

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