Meet the Women of The Cayuga Collection

At the Cayuga Collection, we’ve never really talked “gender equality”. That’s because we’ve never really had to.  Since day one it’s been a no-brainer for us to build a balanced team, a team of exceptional, inspired men and women. Over the last fifteen years, we’ve grown from two co-founders to a wider Cayuga family of some 500 staff members across three countries, and we’re proud to say a great many of them – higher management included – are women.

Cayuga Women

To highlight a few, we’ve of course got our co-founder Andrea Bonilla, and our well-travelled, marathon-running Managing Director Maria Jose. Not to mention the head of our Cayuga Travel reservations department, Ana Maria, and our new Experience Designer, Andi.  We’ve also got a number of female General Managers acing it in their properties, from Patricia down in Panama’s Isla Palenque Resort, to Silvia up in Uvita’s ultra-lux Kurà and Jennifer in the Santa Teresa slice of beachfront paradise we like to call Latitude 10° Resort.

Maria Jose Castro
Maria Jose Castro, Cayuga’s Director of Operations during one of her Ultra-marathon Races.

Let’s not forget the female foodies too who oversee the creation of some of Costa Rica and Nicaragua’s top cuisine: Yovanka, the Food and Beverage Manager at Arenas Del Mar, Diamanda del Socorro at Jicaro Lodge, Mónica González at Senda Monteverde and Amalia Gutierrez at The Harmony Hotel. Much to our delight, the list could go on and on with incredibly talented female representatives in just about every single department.

Monica is the Food and Beverage Manager at Senda Monteverde.

When we started reading up about gender equality in hospitality we discovered something surprising: women only make up 26% of senior management in the sector, and that figure drops to 20% when HR roles are excluded. In short, we could say that Cayuga is well “ahead of the curve” when it comes to employing women.  Fortunately for us, we seem to have a way of attracting talented women with a don for what they do.  Women who want to work with a purpose while they work towards their own big, bold goals. 

Women of Cayuga
Yovanka (left) is the F&B Manager of Arenas del Mar and soon to direct all the Culinary Operations of the Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges.

“Empowering women from our teams has been fundamental all these years” say Maria Jose, our Managing Director. “We invest in them so that they’re able to develop to their full potential and succeed as workers, as family members and as part of the community. As they grow they open up new opportunities for themselves and for all the people around them.”

Jennifer is the General Manager of Latitude 10 in Santa Teresa.

The inspiring stories we could tell about our Cayuga women are varied and many.  For us The Cayuga Way means “travel done differently”, but it also means “travel done inclusively”. Experience it for yourself at any one of sustainable luxury hotels and lodges this Green Season.

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