Meet Marijke, An Inspiring Story of Achievement

One of the things that makes us most happy at Cayuga is to see our staff excel in what they do.   We have literally hundreds of stories of staff members that came with no or minimal skills and have worked their way up in the various lodges, hotels and resorts.   From construction worker to head of reservations, from housekeeper to head guide, from dish washer to executive chef.

Marijke with Karen Lewis, co-owner of Lapa Rios and Andrea Bonilla, co-owner of Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality

One of the most impressive careers is that of Marijke Moulder though.    She is a young local woman that was born in Golfito in southern Costa Rica who grew up her childhood and teenage years in Belgium.   She came back to Costa Rica when she was 16 years old.   After working her way up through the ranks, she is now the first local General Manager at Lapa Rios and doing a stellar job with her team.  She is an inspiration for many young women in rural areas of Costa Rica.   Even though that she does not have a formal high school or university degree, she has been learning by observing and doing and taken full advantage of the support network that Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality offers to its managers.

Have you met Marijke during your visit to Lapa Rios?   She has worked there almost ten years as receptionist, sustainability coordinator, assistant food & beverage manager and operations manager.    By the way, our #2 at Lapa Rios Arnay Garcia is also from Puerto Jimenez.   Hiring and developing local talent, that is what ecotourism is all about, right?

Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality is a world leader in sustainable hospitality management.   We manage and market hotels, resorts, eco lodges and Haciendas in Costa Rica and Nicaragua with a focus on high end experiences and sustainability.

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  1. Hello from Gloria Smith Canada on 18 September 2017. I have just read the above lovely article and saw Arnay Garcia’s name. If he is in fact staff at your lodge, please give him and huge and special hug from Gloria and Steve Smith. We met him in February 2017 when he was Manager at Chan Chich Lodge. He was such a lovely person and so welcoming and detail-oriented. We have been guests at CC for several years and found him to be tops. We were so sad to hear that he was no longer there, but hopefully he will have a great career with you. You are lucky to have him. If I am not correct that he is with your lodge and you can forward this note, I would appreciate this. We would love a “hello” from him. Many thanks.

    • Arnay was one of our managers at Lapa Rios, but that was before he went to Belize. You have probably seen him more recently. He is a great guy.

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