A Luxury Beachfront Hotel in the Tropics designed for “Discomfort”? 

Wait a minute?  Why would you design a beach house to make your guests feel a certain level of “discomfort” and intentionally push them out of their comfort zones?  And at the same time make the beach house function as a luxury hotel?  Sounds nuts, doesn’t it?

The location of Latitude 10 in Santa Teresa is spectacular. Tucked away in the forest right next to the Pacific Ocean. Only 6 rooms and a clubhouse.

We recently had lunch with Bob Florsheim, the owner of Latitude 10 Resort in Santa Teresa.  This is the story he told us:

Latitude 10 was built without air conditioning in the rooms.  On purpose.  There is good cross ventilation and ceiling fans instead.

Latitude 10 was built with no windows, not even screens in the windows.  On purpose.  It connects you with the sounds of the rain forest and the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Latitude 10 has outdoor showers, sinks and toilets.  On purpose.  The bathrooms are completely private, just a monkey up int he tree can see you.

Latitude 10 does not have a Yoga Deck. On purpose.  We do yoga next to the Ocean, on the beach, in the sand.

This kind of lodging is often described as “Glamping” or Luxury Camping. It is an experience with nature, but at the same time with high levels of comfort and luxury.

All of those features – or lack of – might make you feel uncomfortable at first.  Especially if like most of us, you’re used to having your four walls.  But the idea behind the Latitude 10 experience is that this certain level of discomfort turns into a great appreciation of nature and an opportunity to reconnect with the elements.  So much so that once you return from the rain forest to the concrete jungles of Manhattan, London or Los Angeles, you might just suffer some withdrawal symptoms.

There is nothing like an outdoor shower in the tropics. Many guests tell us that going back to small closed in bathrooms at home creates real “withdrawal” symptoms…

When Bob and his friend Rick built Latitude 10 as a beach house for their family and friends more than 10 years ago, it was their goal to create an “anti-hotel”.  They wanted their guests to feel totally immersed in the tropical beachfront experience that Santa Teresa offers.

So be aware.  Latitude 10 might not be for you.  If you’re into mega-resorts where the closest you can get to nature is with a few potted plants in the lobby, and where you’ll find giant ice sculptures rather than giant iguanas by the pool, you should click on the X in the top right corner of your screen and search instead for “cheap all-inclusive luxury hotels” – no hard feelings!

But if this all sounds intriguing to you, let’s talk.

There are several other features at Latitude 10 that are “under designed” on purpose. But as you allow yourself to let go and feel the very special vibe, you will understand.

We’ll help you step out of your comfort zone, but not out of luxury.  You’ll still enjoy delicious and quality food in our restaurant from sunrise to sundown.  We can help you plan for adventures in the rain forest, on the beaches and in the ocean, or just make sure your drink is topped up while you relax on a colorful beach hammock.  And if you like efficient but informal service provided by members of the local community that really care about your well-being, you will most certainly want to make Latitude 10 a new annual tradition as so many others have done.  See you soon.

Next time you go, order the Fish Tacos for lunch. Francini does them so well…

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