Is Kura the Best Luxury Hotel in Costa Rica? 

We’re not really into the “best” lists and rankings of luxury hotels as most of them are a result of the capacity of marketing and PR agencies reaching out to their client base and asking them to vote for a certain property. What truly stands out is the hospitality and the service that guests experience. Kura, the minimalist jungle villas, offer an incredibly luxurious stay combined with sustainability. Our guests describe their stay with words such as, “unbelievable,” “best boutique hotel ever,” “incredible atmosphere, amazing, outstanding, exquisite, paradise, and luxury.” These kinds of statements and words define our ultimate mission and outline what we strive for.

The stunning architecture by the young local architect Martin Wells is certainly one of the big attractions of Kura Design Villas.

So, what is the secret behind Kura’s success?  Why do many consider it to be Costa Rica’s best Luxury Hotel?  Most likely, that it was not built as a hotel, but as a project where the owners wanted to create something that they thought was absolutely amazing. A boutique hotel with astonishing design that introduced a luxurious sustainability to Costa Rica.  Alejandra Umana (biologist) and Martin Wells (architect) wanted to build an environmentally-friendly resort with a unique design that blends into the surrounding nature. We have seen examples where this owner driven concept development can go very wrong.  But in the case of Kura, it all went well.


Kura is sexy, daring, and different.  It’s presence feels a bit like a James Bond movie set. At first glance, it is almost intimidating, but if you read through the many five star Tripadvisor Reviews, you come to the conclusion that the highlight of the guest experience is actually the staff made up of local Ticos that are being trained to provide service at world class level, with the Costa Rican touch of “Pura Vida”.

Think “World Class Hospitality” and train local community members to serve guests with high expectations.  This is the Kura philosophy.

The vision of Kura’s owners was to build a uniquely designed hotel that would not affect the pristine nature in any way. Therefore, on a mountain ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean, they built a sustainable and stunning piece of architecture. This environmentally conscious hotel was created with attention to every detail. From building materials to energy conservation, Kura is committed to preserving the planet. The sustainable features include solar panels to provide electricity and hot water, a rainwater collection system, LED lighting throughout the property, and the use of biodegradable cleaning products. Kura’s five-star amenities are operated in the most natural way and do not leave a large carbon footprint.

It is all about the freshest local ingredients. It does not only make for great tasting and healty food, but it supports the local farmers and small businesses.
It is all about the freshest local ingredients. It does not only make for great tasting and healty food, but it supports the local farmers and small businesses.

Kura features six villa suites including two infinity villas that feature high ceilings and expansive terraces, tucked beneath the salt-water infinity pool; and two junior suites boasting unique tree-canopy views, ideal for nature watching. Each villa features an open-plan concept, so there is an excellent view from multiple locations including the double-rain shower, luxuriously comfortable bed, and balcony hammock.

Kura is the perfect place to unwind and revel in love on a first, or second, honeymoon. After enduring the anxiety and pressure of planning a wedding, couples deserve a relaxing destination to celebrate their love. Costa Rica has the most ideal setting for a laid back vacation— miles of green rain forest, sandy beaches, and the vast horizon of the Pacific Ocean. The infinity pool has the kind of view that a person may encounter only once in a lifetime, but has spent countless hours day-dreaming about. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the infinity pool reflects the breath-taking images of the surrounding environment, and provides the perfect vista for awe-inspiring sunsets that are a favorite part of each day at Kura. Couples may enjoy a hushed night under the sparkling stars by the glowing pool or on the sky lounge where they are afforded a 360-degree view of the lush jungle.

Kura is the ideal Honeymoon destination.  Couples only and it has been described as one of the sexiest hotels in the world.

Kura is located on the hillside above the town of Uvita, near the southern tip of Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula. The property is perched on the coastal ridge overlooking Ballena Marine National Park, and the world-famous Whale’s Tail sandbar formation. There are a few options for getting to Kura. Guests that choose to fly may take a domestic flight from Juan Santamaría International Airport in San Jose to Quepos. Here, Kura staff will wait for guest’s arrival and a ground transfer to the property.  If guests prefer to drive, the San Jose to Uvita route offers a pleasant and safe drive with picturesque views. Upon arrival in Uvita, a complimentary shuttle service up to Kura is provided.

And by the way, Kura was built with Drug Money.  But that is a whole different story.  Interested? Learn more here.

No visit to Kura is complete without a visit to the Spa.

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