You’ve definitely got us thinking…

[Note: Join the conversation on Cayuga’s first Guest Appreciation Program! We’re co-creating a referral and loyalty program with our guests. Head over to this post to catch up on our progress]

Many of you have mentioned that you happily tell your friends and family about the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Ecolodges.

I have to tell you, this means the world to my staff and I.

Thank you so much for telling the people around you about what we do. This got me thinking—

How can I make this even easier for you to do?

In the comments, write as much as you’d like and let me know:

What incredible opportunities or free material about the Cayuga Collection can I create — especially for you and your friends — to help you tell the Cayuga story?

Please be specific. I promised myself that if I get enough responses I’d create these resources for you.

4 responses to “You’ve definitely got us thinking…”

  1. My friends would probably not thank me if I got them on a mailing list no matter what the quality. They will see my Facebook feed however. If you took a beautiful picture of guests relaxing and made that available to the guest I am certain they will post it.

  2. One hotel that I frequent ran a promotion via Instagram, asking guests to hashtag/geotag their photos. Then, at the end of the month/year (I don’t remember the time span) the person who posted the photo with the most likes got a free stay or something. I agree about mailing lists complications; everyone’s on so many mailing lists already. I think the best way is to have an incentive.

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