Goodbye 2012 – Happy New Year 2013

We made it through another year.  And it finally seems like things have turned around after a few difficult years with the financial crisis that turned into a full-fledged financial crisis.   Since about 75% of our guests are from North America, our hotels felt the impacts of increased ” Staycations” and the cutting back on the third or fourth vacation that guests have taken in the past.  Probably not as strong as the industry in general, but we had to be a lot more aggressive in promotions especially in the green season months of April through November.  The consolidated 2012 numbers showed a rebound in 11% in sales and 26% in Operating Profit for the Cayuga managed Hotels.

These positive results allowed us to continue investing in the infrastructure of the hotels.   In the past 4 years, we have invested close to 4 Million US in the Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges.  Privacy walls, remodeling of guest rooms, new roofs, new furniture, pool work just to name a few.   We have also continued to invest in our greatest asset, which is our human resources, through training and creating opportunities for professional growth.  And we will continue down this path in 2013.   In 2013, we also tackled the project of developing Standard Operating Procedures (we call them Cayuga Operating Procedures as there is nothing standard about Cayuga).  This will allow us to further improve the service consistency across all hotels and lodges and enabled us to successfully open Kura Design Villas in Uvita.   We are planning for one more opening of a totally new hotel concept here in Costa Rica in 2013.  Stay tuned.

In 2012, we laid the foundation to launch the foundation that is supported by Cayuga and the hotels.   Earth Equilibrium will be very active in the support of education projects across Costa Rica through its ” Building for the future” and ” Learning is change” projects.   More details on

To all our former guests, employees and friends.   Thank you for staying with us, working with us and following us.   We are very grateful for your support.   Happy New Year 2013.

Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality is a world leader in sustainable hospitality management.   We manage and market hotels, resorts, eco lodges and Haciendas in Costa Rica and Nicaragua with a focus on high end experiences and sustainability.


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