From our Vegetable Garden to our Guest’s Plate

At Cayuga we are not farmers and have no aspiration in a career in agriculture.  We are hospitality professionals who run sustainable luxury hotels, small resorts and  eco lodges in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  But we love to serve the most delicious food possible to our guests.

And delicious means fresh!   So we have started to experiment with building vegetable gardens at our ecolodges and sustainable hotels.   With some good success as the pictures below illustrate.

Here is the case study of Kura Design Villas located on the southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica near Uvita.

Agriculture at Kura Desgin Villas in Uvita, Costa Rica
The way we grow vegetables at Kura Design Villas is with the hydroponic method. Regular agriculture is more challenging here due to the setting in the rain forest.

We opened this stunning 6 room hotel a little over two years ago.  It has been an immediate success.  Not only because of the views, the architecture, the service and the vibe, but also because of the food we serve.   Some of the most popular vegetables and greens that we grow include micro greens, basil, different kinds of lettuce, celery, bok choi, parsley and arugula.

Variety of vegetables and greens grown at Kura Design Villa in Costa Rica
Here some samples of the produce that we have been able to grow successfully in the past years. It certainly helps that Kura is located a few meters above sea level so that the heat during the day is not quite as intense.

We try to grow the things we need for the dishes on our menu.  During the busier months, we are not able to cover all of our needs, but during the slower months, our additional purchases from local growers are minimal.  Imagine yourself next to the hotel pool overlooking the Pacific Ocean and having this dish for lunch with a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc (organic or bio dynamic of course).  Like?

Microgreens for lunch at Kura, Costa Rica
This is what the end result looks like. A delicious freshly prepared lunch featuring micro greens grown at the hotel.  Fresh responsibly caught fish and home grown greens – can’t beat that!!

Almost all the Cayuga Collection Hotels and Lodges have some kind of a vegetable growing project on site.  In the case of the Harmony Hotel in Nosara, it is very advanced as this video below shows.  A great portion of the hotel’s vegetables and greens are produced on site during most of the year.

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Inn is an Agro-Eco-tourism project per excellence producing high quality, shade grown organic coffee.  But their vegetable garden located right next to El Tigre Vestido Restaurant is a great contributor to the daily fare.

Organically Grown Greens at Finca Rosa Blanca
Organically Grown Greens at Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation Inn in Santa Barbara de Heredia.

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