Four Trends for the new Luxury Traveler of today


At the Cayuga Collection, we’ve spent the past few months in the thick of our high season, welcoming thousands of guests from around the world to our hotels and lodges in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. A great many of our luxury travelers come in search of inspiring experiences, and often enjoy their first taste of “New Luxury” with us. But what does new luxury really mean? Through our worldly guests, we’ve identified these four trends that are defining the movement: 

  1. A shift away from “must go” over-tourism destinations to more off the beaten path travel
  2. Breaking free of comfort zones. Staying in upscale lodges or eco-luxe tented camps as opposed to traditional five-star resorts 
  3. Being active and engaging in unique physical and cultural activities 
  4. Eating with a conscience.  Being aware of the provenance of food and its impact on the planet
The lodging experience at Kinkara. Step out of your comfort zone and disconnect to connect.

Interestingly enough, nowhere embodies these trends quite like our newest Cayuga Collection property, Kinkara in Costa Rica. This experiential luxury retreat located in the foothills of Mount Chirripó – Costa Rica’s highest peak (3,821m) – puts immersive nature experiences at the heart of what it does, offering the perfect destination for one-of-a-kind activities, personal relaxation and collective group stays.

Get Off the Beaten Path

More and more travelers are looking to stay away from the traditionally “must see” sights of a destination and are instead seeking more undiscovered places to visit. Over-tourism has become a real issue in a number of destinations, with crowded hotspots driving many travelers to explore alternative under-the-radar regions. 

The River Hike at Kinkara is one of the Signature Activities – Nothing for Couch Potatoes.

Costa Rica is still a wild and authentic destination, so long as you avoid the tourism hotspots that receive the bulk of visitors like Jaco and Arenal.  Heading south along the Pacific coast from Manuel Antonio towards the Osa Peninsula and then inland towards the Talamanca Mountains and La Amistad National Park offers some of the best nature, wildlife and adventure that Latin America has to offer. 

The Mandala Garden. While you sleep and dream, the veggies for your lunch grow all around you.

Leave the Comfort Zone Long Behind

At our sustainable luxury hotels and lodges, we’ve encountered our fair share of travelers longing for experiences that take them out of their comfort zone.  That could mean tree climbing in the cloud forest, surfing the waves of the Pacific, or learning to dance salsa with our staff. It even applies to where our guests sleep…

When was the last time you slept without the restraint of walls, double glass windows to keep the noise out or air climate control?  When was the last time you slept feeling connected to your surroundings, rather than shielded from them? Doing so might just give you a taste of the new luxury we’re talking about.

Our Signature Premium Lotus Belle tents accommodate up to 2 guests while our Deluxe Premium Lotus Belle tents accommodate up to 4. 

We think sleep can be the very best meditation, and it’s even more restorative when it’s close to nature. That’s why slumbering in luxury Lotus Belle tents is so memorable and enriching – there’s nothing quite like resting amidst lush gardens beside a mountain creek, overlooking a vast valley and all its twinkling nighttime lights below. 

Kinkara’s spa-inspired Bath Houses. Featuring over-sized vanities, fluffy organic cotton bath towels, all-natural amenities and powerful hot rainfall showers

Be Active

Many of the travelers that visit the Cayuga Collection live healthy and active lifestyles.  No matter their age, they want to be out and about, and feel even more motivated to be active while immersed in our pristine natural environments. 

We draw on nature’s ancient wisdom to help all who visit reconnect and relax. A natural sanctuary for aligning the body, mind and spirit, wellness in its many forms sits at the heart of what we do.

At Kinkara it’s all about the outdoors too.  To support our active guests, we’ve developed several immersive signature experiences such as mountain biking and a river hike that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else in Costa Rica.  And of course, there’s Mount Chirripó – Costa Rica’s highest peak – on Kinkara’s doorstep too. It can be climbed in a two to three-day expedition using our luxury tents as the base camp for preparation and recovery; one thing is being active, the other is always making the time to rest and restore. 

Some of the best mountain biking you will find in Costa Rica. From easy to expert.

Eat with a Conscience 

High-end travelers are getting very sophisticated in terms of their culinary experiences.  We’ve noticed in the past few years how much our guests appreciate fresh, healthy and locally sourced food and beverages served up with contemporary style.  And it is about sustainable choices as well.

We take a playful and healing approach to our cuisine, experimenting with new flavors and restorative ingredients sourced from our land. 

At Kinkara, we take this trend to the next level.  Combining pure ingredients hand-picked from the retreat’s Mandala Garden and memorable flavors inspired by Mesoamerican fare, we’ve achieved a truly epicurean earth-to-plate cuisine that’s both delicious and nourishing. Everything served is carefully crafted to rebalance, regenerate, rehydrate and improve your mood, meaning food at Kinkara can, and certainly will make you feel incredible.

Our kitchen is dedicated to consciously sourcing ingredients grown on our land, from local farms, and from small local artisans and producers.


Ready to enjoy a taste of Cayuga-style new luxury at our mountain retreat in Costa Rica? Chat with us on our website or contact us at to start planning your experiential luxury stay at Kinkara.   

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