Costa Rica’s National Symbols


The Flag: The present flag was constituted in September 1848 when Costa Rica achieved the status of Republic. The flag is formed by five horizontal stripes: the first and the fifth are blue, the second and the fourth are white, and in the middle a red stripe double the width of each of the other four stripes.

Emblem: It was constituted in 1848. Three volcanoes and a vast valley stretching between two oceans form it, and in each of the oceans there is a merchant ship. In the horizon, there is a rising sun between the blue sky and the blue ocean.. Seven stars forming an arch represent the seven provinces of the republic.

National Flower: Guaria Morada (Cattleya skinneri). This is a native species in the American continent and grows nationwide without any problem.

National Tree: Guanacaste Tree (Enterolobium ciclocarpum).

National Bird: Yiguirro (Turdus grayi).

Typical Ox-Cart:  In 1988 the Costa Rican ox-cart (“la carreta costarricense”) was established as the national symbol of work. Drawn by a team of oxen, the ox-cart was used during the colonial period for the transportation of sugar cane, tobacco, and coffee.

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