Celebrating Independence Day in Costa Rica

Today is Independence Day in Costa Rica!   In 1821, on September 15, Central America was given independence from the Spanish government.   However, the news didn’t come to our country until October 13!   All of Costa Rica was shocked to hear that we had proclaimed absolute independence. Because of this, the authorities in Cartago, which was the Capital at the time, met to decide on what needed to be done and what was best for the country.

In Costa Rica, although independence was declared in October, we celebrate September 15th with a parade, and remember what it means to be an independent and sovereign country.   We start the festivities in the evening of the September 14.   At 6 p.m. on the 14th, we all gather in our communities with homemade lanterns, called faroles, and walk through the town to celebrate our Independence.   On the 15th, we celebrate with parades of drumming, dancing and music.   People from all over the country come together today to celebrate!   It is a day of happiness in Costa Rica and to share our culture and freedom with our family and friends.   If you visit during the month of September, you will notice we start celebrating early by displaying our patriotic colors and the raising of flags at our homes and businesses.

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