Understanding the Isla Palenque Experience

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Cayuga Collection’s Isla Palenque Resort in the Golfo de Chiriqui in Panama has been open to guests for a month now.  Early bookings have exceeded our expectations and our guests are leaving the island fascinated with the experience on the island.

We have launched our new website a few weeks ago and we are getting a lot of inquiries via our Chat function.  In order to help our guests understand the experience, we have created ten short videos explaining everything from “getting there” to activities, to food and wildlife.  Here some examples.  All videos can be found on the Isla Palenque Youtube Channel.

Here is a general introduction of Isla Palenque:

We offer special opening rates for most of the year 2018.  Take advantage of those offers before they end.

We promise you won’t get bored on the island.  Here some of the things that you could do:

The Island Hopping Tour and Secrets of the Island are two “must-dos” at Isla Palenque.  Ask us about whale season and other seasonal activities.

Most important question.  The Food.  Here is what we have for you: 

Our fruit and vegetable gardens are in full bloom.  Ask us to take you there during your visit to see where everything grows…

Interested in learning more.  Contact Cayuga’s CEO Hans Pfister directly for your questions at hans@cayugaonline.com or our reservations team at www.islapalenque.com via chat or  reservations@islapalenque.com.

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