Lapa Rios Guide School for Guests – Meet Our First Graduates

Earlier this year, we proudly launched the brand new Guide School for Guests at Lapa Rios Lodge.  Following months of careful program planning, the team successfully put together an exciting itinerary featuring everything from Lapa Rios classics to newly curated Osa experiences in collaboration with the community.  Mixed in too were masterclasses from our experienced guides on special wildlife-spotting techniques as well as inspiring talks on nature conservation.  Today, we’re pleased to announce that we have our first two graduates!

In August, Susan and Robert Jones enrolled at the Guide School and immersed themselves in a week of memorable rainforest adventures.  Swapping books for boots and binoculars, they headed into the jungles of the Lapa Rios Reserve with lead guide Danilo, on a mission to hone their skills and broaden their knowledge.  They experienced the most biologically intense region on earth up close and personal, and delved into the intricacies of an ecosystem with all the enthusiasm of two true nature lovers.

Visiting during Green Season, the Jones enhanced their itinerary with a little extra adrenaline in the form of a waterfall rappelling excursion, and also made time to see the Osa’s Humpback Whales that visit annually from June through October.  Other itinerary highlights included a visit to Don Herman’s organic farm for a taste of homemade chocolate and plenty of treetop sloth encounters.

“Having hosted the very first Guide School in person, I am certain that the program is set to continue with great success,” says Guillermo Mulder, Experience & Sustainability Manager at Lapa Rios.  This spells great news for budding naturalists – the Guide School will be returning to Lapa Rios in the spring of 2019 and we welcome guests to enroll today.  What awaits in the Osa is an inspiring rainforest experience of a lifetime!

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