A Santa Teresa Beachfront Resort that “isn’t just romantic, it’s downright sexy.”

Our Cayuga Collection Interns spent a couple of nights at Latitude 10.  Here is what they had to share with us…

Latitude 10 Exclusive Nature Resort in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The Romance of Nature

When the rain is falling outside your open-air cabin on the beach, when the waves make the perfect music crashing ashore, when the candles flicker and sputter, you finally get it: there is nothing more romantic than being attuned to the natural world.

And yet this is something Latitude 10 has understood long before the rest of us””the natural world, and the preservation of it, isn’t just romantic, it’s downright sexy.

But how could this be? For one, candlelight, a much more sustainable energy source than standard bulb lighting, is softer, more natural, and imbues any room with a sense of intimacy. At the same time, open-air bungalows allow a soft ocean breeze to naturally cool the air around you, rather than the noxious, and indisputably un-sexy feel of a dry, frigid air-conditioned room. Locally-sourced woods, inherently dark, provide a seamless transition to the hotel’s greatest feature: not a single tree was cut down in the development of the property and therefore the entire hotel is shrouded with monkey and bird-friendly foliage, along with the sumptuous scents of orchids and gingers.

The sum of these factors, which we discovered during out stay, is that Latitude 10 is on to something and has been for quite some while. By blending eco-friendly practices (dim lighting, low energy and water usage, sustainable development) the hotel understands a critical feature long-lost in the tourism industry as a whole””that the most romantic and beautiful settings are those which return us to our natural roots, with the happy side-effect of reducing one’s environmental impact. This should be stating the obvious, but in a world drawn to the flashiest, most artificial objects, in truth, the most romantic and intimate experience one can have is with the earth itself””a fact not lost at Latitude 10.

Latitude 10 is one of the 8 sustainable luxury hotels and lodges of the Cayuga Collection.   Similar experiences to Latitude 10 can be lived at Lapa Rios Ecolodge and Jicaro Island Ecolodge.

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