A few useful words in Spanish

During your visit to Costa Rica or Nicaragua you might want to practice your Spanish a little, or at least learn a few basic words to get around. At our nine hotels in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, our teams are more than happy to converse with you to help you develop your language skills, but even if you know nothing yet, here are a few words you can practice that will go a long way:

  • ” Hola” (pronounced OH-lah). It means ” hello” and, coupled with your most sincere smile, will warm people up to you from the very beginning. In Costa Rica and Nicaragua it is common practice to greet friends and strangers alike on the streets, so you’ll have plenty of chances to practice this word!
  • ” Por favor” (pronounced pore-fah-VOR). It means ” please” and, before you have a larger vocabulary to follow it with, you can simply say ” por favor” and point to whatever it is you want, like an item on our menu.
  • ” Gracias” (pronounced GRAHSS-ee-ahss). It means ” thank you”, but don’t worry if you forget the word, smiles are universally understood!
  • ” Delicioso” (pronounced dell-ee-see-OH-soh). Just as you guessed, it means ” delicious”, and the chef and waiters will be delighted to hear your opinion on the meal, but although it’s generally meant for food, you can also use this word to describe tactile experiences, like the muscular relief of your massage or the warmth of the sun, for example.
  • ” Hasta pronto” (pronounced ahss-tah PROHN-toh). Translated into ” until soon”, it’s commonly used as a friendly way to say good bye. Otherwise you can also say ” adiós” (ah-dee-OHS).
  • ” Pura Vida” (purr-ah VEE-dah). This is an essential set of words in Costa Rica. These two words, meaning ” Pure Life”, are used widely by Costa Ricans with a variety of meanings, including ” thank you”, ” good bye” and ” I’m well”. They reflect Costa Rican’s simple and happy love towards life, and using them during your stay is a great way to begin to understand this culture!

Well then, you now have a few good words to get you started! We hope to see you soon at one of our hotels to help you practice them!

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